Fangirl challenge → [1/10] friendships: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

"Harry Potter has to go into the lake and find his Wheezy —"
"Find my what?"
"— and take his Wheezy back from the merpeople!"
"What’s a Wheezy?"
"Your Wheezy, sir, your Wheezy — Wheezy who is giving Dobby his sweater!"
"What?" Harry gasped. “They’ve got… they’ve got Ron?”
"The thing Harry Potter will miss most, sir!"

i now pronounce you man vs machine    |    at last we have a story with no end


if you think “educate” means “coddle someone and sugarcoat everything” then you’re wrong sorry


Son, I found your fedora. At first I thought you were a brony and I was going to be very disappointed. But then I found your giant stash of checkered vans and hawaiian shirts. Ska punk forever, son. Ska punk forever.

Do you know what everyone says about you? They say you’re a homeschooled jungle freak who’s a less hot version of me.



Don’t watch this exclusive clip from Shiizakana.

okay nbc i’ll just reblog it then




"The Most Dramatic Rendition of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" You’ll Ever Hear"


I don’t know what I was expecting but this was not it


when a piece of dialogue just appears in your head out of nowhere

and you don’t even know who the characters are

but they’re dialoguing and they’re upset or angry and they’re saying things and perhaps there’s been some deceit or misunderstanding and it’s all very passionate

and they’re so so alive

and you’re like

who are you people

“Samberg used to stand like right next to the camera with his arms folded and just stare at him like this (shakes his head) while the segment was going on.” — John Mulaney on trying to get Bill Hader to break character while playing Stefon on SNL | From Late Night with Seth Meyers, 4/4/14